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flirt pdf Flirt MOBIAuthor Green's Commitments was made i.

[PDF] ❤ Flirt By Carmen Green – Getup-party.de Carmen Green is a national bestselling author Green's Commitments was made into a television movie that aired on BetCarmen Green is a national bestselling.

eBook Flirt PDF/EPUB â ↠ getup party.de

eBook Flirt PDF/EPUB â ↠ getup party.de National bestselling author Carmen Green was born in Buffalo New York and had plans to study law before becoming a published author While raising her three children she wrote her first book on legal pads and transcribed it onto a computer on weekends before selling her first novel in 1993 Since that time she has sold than twenty six novels and novellas and is proud that one of her books

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  1. SassyMama SassyMama says:

    eBook Flirt PDF/EPUB â ↠ getup party.de flirt pdf, Flirt MOBINOT uite What I Expected“Flirt” is the first novel I’ve read by Ms Carmen Green And what can I say it wasn’t the worst I’ve ever read but it wasn’t all that great Simply stated it was just lacking something Although the storyline had potential I just didn’t get caught up in her writing style And I don't think she provides the reader with a very plausible explanation regarding Sydney's mom; why she disappeared why she stayed away and the whole sex shop inheritance thing I felt like I was left hanging IMO the dialogue had some “weird” transitions that came off awkward forced and at times just seemed totally unnecessary A few times I found myself re reading previous paragraphs to make sure I wasn’t missing something I also found the main characters personalities to be a little BLAND and NOT all that MEMORABLE And the chemistry between Drew and Sydney throughout was dull and unimpressive Apparently Sydney made a MAJOR transformation within this novel from being a

  2. Vicci Divine Vicci Divine says:

    eBook Flirt PDF/EPUB â ↠ getup party.de flirt pdf, Flirt MOBIThe characters weren't really developed enough for the reader to even care about them It was a light read not deep at all

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